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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

If you have ever looked at Los Angeles motorcycle accident data, you’d be hard-pressed to lay eyes on a brand-new motorcycle and not imagine a destructive accident.  According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, the number of motorcycle accident fatalities has increased 153% in just nine years, from 1998 to 2007.  It’s easy to understand why, with the incredibly high level of traffic and large number of roadways in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Bikers and cyclists, even when following all state safety protocol, such as wearing helmets and protective gloves, pants, boots and jackets, have comparatively little protection when colliding with a motor vehicle (whose driver is protected by seatbelts and a large metal cage that’s designed for impact). In addition to these threats, common road hazards like potholes, ice, cracks or slick roads provide a much greater risk for motorcyclists than drivers.

Motorcycle accident injuries are often serious – even fatal. They range from broken bones, bruises and scrapes to spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. Motorcycle accidents can leave riders paralyzed, as amputees, or with other types of permanent disability. While the hospital bills for a single injury alone can put financial strain on the biker’s family, those who are permanently disabled in bike crashes often face a lifetime of medical bills and an inability to work.

At Panish, Shea and Boyle, our car and motorcycle accident attorney team advocates for innocent riders who have faced injury and harm due to careless drivers. We have a solid track record for success in ensuring insurance companies compensate injured motorcyclists to the fullest extent possible.

Our clients have been able to claim monetary damages to cover their medical expenses, both current and ongoing, as well as money for lost income, rehabilitation and noneconomic losses like pain and suffering.

How California Law Hurts Bikers

California is one of the few states that allows lane-splitting, a dangerous practice in which motorcyclists can drive on the lane divider (the double yellow or white line) between slowly moving or stopped vehicles. Bikers like this practice because it allows them to move more quickly through stopped or slow traffic, but it has resulted in three deaths in the past year alone.

The fault isn’t entirely on the bikers; drivers don’t always know to look for a lane-splitting biker, and may pick up speed when the traffic begins to clear without checking for someone alongside them or allow them back into the lane.

Fault in Los Angeles Motorcycle Accidents

California law allows that more than one person may be responsible for an accident. At Panish, Shea and Boyle, we work closely with police officers, witnesses and experts who can help us determine exactly who is at fault in your case. In cases where the motorcyclist and driver are both at fault, we determine who is more at fault – being partially responsible for the crash doesn’t deprive a victim of their right to damages. It simply means they may receive less compensation than they might have.

If You or a Loved One Are in an Accident

If you or a loved one are in a motorcycle accident, contact a PS&B attorney right away – before you sign any document or agreement. Our experienced team of motor vehicle accident attorneys will review your case and protect your interests.

At Panish Shea & Boyle, you will get personal attention from accomplished Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers with a deep understanding of California traffic and liability law. Don’t take on the additional burden of advocating for yourself when you’ve been through the shock and stress of a crash. Let our “Tier 1” firm handle your legal needs during this difficult time.

Call our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers toll free today at 877-800-1700 for a FREE, confidential case evaluation with our motorcycle accident attorneys.


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