Nearly 100 Minnesota drivers cited for texting in a single day

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Nearly 100 Minnesotans were cited for sending and receiving text messages while operating a motor vehicle during a recent single day focused enforcement effort. This saturation patrol was the result of a joint effort between 250 local and state law enforcement agencies. In comparison, an average day in 2011 yielded approximately 3.5 citations for text messaging while driving. So far law enforcement officials have reported issuing 97 citations to motorists for sending or reading text based messages while driving, but so far only 142 of the law enforcement agencies involved in the operation have reported the results of the focused enforcement effort. Though less than 100 instances of motorists being cited for text messaging while driving have been reported, law enforcement officers report pulling over more than 2,400 drivers for violating the state’s texting ban, according to a report issued by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety. Many of the law enforcement agencies involved reportedly focused on issuing official warnings to drivers seen sending and receiving text messages. According to safety experts, drivers sending and receiving text messages while driving is a contributing factor in 25 percent of all highway collisions.


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