Sidecars make motorcycles more dangerous

Posted on April 25, 2012

Motorcycle safety experts recommend that novice bike riders stick to smaller, easier to control motorcycles as they’re learning to operate the vehicle. Some motorcycle riders believe that adding a sidecar to their motorcycle will make it easier to control, but representatives from the Canada Safety Council’s Gearing Up Motorcycle Rider Training Program warn that adding a sidecar can actually make a motorcycle more difficult to operate. Sidecars don’t lean with the motorcycle on turns and must be independently controlled and braked in order to keep control of the motorcycle, a complicated responsibility that can cause difficulty for even experienced motorcyclists.

The setup for a motorcycle sidecar rig is also a complicated process that is crucial for proper handling. Smaller motorcyclists with lower body weight will have a more difficult time controlling their motorcycles with the added weight of a sidecar. Sidecars also require a larger, heavier motorcycle, which will be more difficult to control than a smaller sportbike. If a smaller motorcycle is uncomfortable, experts advise adjusting the bike’s height. Novice riders might also consider riding a three-wheel motorcycle, or trike. The trike also won’t lean into corners, but it is easier to control than a sidecar.

As a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, I am hopeful that motorcyclists and motorists alike will practice safer driving habits on the roadways. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving any sort of vehicle, please consider hiring a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.

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