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San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have sustained loss due to physical or psychological injury, consider calling our San Diego Personal Injury attorneys. With a population of more than 3.2 million people in San Diego, serious accidents that lead to catastrophic injury occur on a daily basis.

Perhaps a neighborhood dog attacked you in La Mesa. A business in Mission Valley may have not properly warned customers of safety hazards. You may have purchased an expensive and defective appliance from a business in National City that refuses to claim responsibility. Whatever your loss, a San Diego Personal Injury lawyer can help charge the negligent actions of others and win you compensation.

What Do San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

San Diego Personal injury lawyers represent those who have sustained loss due to the wrongdoing of others. Whether the loss is physical, psychological or financial, attorneys can represent plaintiffs against other individuals, companies, agencies, government entities, or other groups. They can also file claims in the case of lost reputation. Specializing in tort law, these lawyers study an area of legislation related to damages and losses. Some of the cases personal injury lawyers represent include those caused by work injuries, traffic accidents, defective parts, healthcare mistakes or falling on another’s property.

Responsible for both professional and ethical regulations, personal injury lawyers adhere to regulations set by state bar associations. An attorney becomes licensed by taking the bar examination and an ethics examination. Once licensed, attorneys may legally file complaints, represent parties in court, write legal documents, and provide legal advice. Plaintiff lawyers interview clients before acceptance to determine if their situation is a legal matter. After identifying the cause of their client’s situation, they research strong arguments to be presented in court. The goal of attorneys is to represent people in court and help them seek justice and compensation for losses. If a settlement cannot be reached, a trial may be in order.

Is My Loss Big Enough?

A San Diego personal injury attorney from our Panish Shea & Boyle firm can help you determine the size of your loss and will work with you to analyze multiple factors. Your overall loss may include a combination of factors that you may not even be aware of, including financial and reputation loss. A representing lawyer can research laws relating to your situation to determine how much compensation is appropriate for your loss.

If you are in a car accident and sustain a few scrapes and bruises, and the other party’s insurance company is cooperating and providing a decent compensation, you may not need a personal injury attorney. However, you may still want to call for a free consultation because minor injuries may turn into major ones. Your back may ache a little today, but tomorrow you may not be able to get out of bed. Injuries can become inflamed or infected. If you too quickly give up your rights to future claims, you may wish you had called a lawyer.

You may also be entitled to pain and suffering compensation. The emotional distress you have sustained can be considered a loss by a jury. Your lawyer can help you understand all the claims you are entitled to and even minor injuries and losses can add up.

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