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Panish Shea & Boyle LLP
Average rating:  
 104 reviews
by Eduardo
Spencer Lucas is #1

Spencer Lucas is one of the best in the game, not only did he help me win my case but he also made me feel really comfortable thru the stressful process. Truly amazing at his craft. He had my back coming from a electricity accident. It was tough for me but he helped me through my process...Spencer is number one, hands down. If you go against him you will lose, I promise that.

by Pawel Wilczynski
Great job!

Patrick G. did a spectacular job representing me. He answered all my questions in detail, and fought tooth and nail for me.

by John S.
Having Brian and Dan was Like Having Mike Tyson Fighting for You

I found myself needing a lawyer after waking up in a Los Angeles Trama Center. Another driver hit me causing traumatic injuries (lost my left leg, left shoulder blown up as well as my right wrist). Told by a friend to call Panish Shea and Boyle, no one else.

Called and Dan Dunbar came by my hospital room within hours. We had a frank conversation, I had little respect for lawyers, but when you need one, get the best! Little did I know just how wise hiring them as my team was going to be. Everything that needed to be done they did and worked through everything like clockwork. It became apparent that many things needed to be done in cases like mine, which are overwhelming and out of most law team's abilities. Plenty of lawyers send cases like mine to them for a finder's fee of sorts cause other lawyers can't handle the work required. They didn't waste time filing for court date and locking down evidence, taking depositions, and reviewing accident scene.

Due to their awesome professionalism and reputation we achieved a good result... No a great result!! Figure we probably were awarded 2 to 3 times what any other lawyer could have gotten due to knowing their craft and having a huge reputation. Steer clear of lawyers promising the moon on TV and look to see who is actually winning the big claims. Having Brian and Dan was like having Mike Tyson fighting for you in a boxing ring.

The team did a super job and should be the first lawyers you call when you seriously need one. I will use them again, hands down the very best at winning cases and not sticking it to you in fees! They proved themselves to me and will to you too, I'm sure of it.

by Gary W.
They Did a Wonderful Job

After no one else would take our case, Panish Shea & Boyle did a wonderful job to get us through a really tough time. Everybody there is so professional and made it a pleasure to work with.

by Pablo B.
This is the Best Law Firm

I was in need of a personal injury lawyer and was referred to David Rudorfer at Panish Shea & Boyle. Let me tell you, this is the best law firm. They helped me every step of my recovery. I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

by Marc P.
Worked Hard on my Behalf

I was involved in a major motorcycle accident, had several injuries and not knowing what to do - a close friend recommend David Rudofer at Panish Shea & Boyle - David got right to work, getting me the medical attention I needed - after a long legal battle we settled and I'm happy with the results - Thank You David for sticking in there and working hard on my behalf!

by Matthew Rada
Thanks to Andy Owen, Brian Panish and Matthew Stumpf

I cannot thank you guys enough, I was involved in a terrible car vs. motorcycle accident in 2018 and the lawyers at Panish Shea & Boyle represented me in my court case. Not only were they an excellent legal team, all sharp, well-oiled and extremely successful, the Panish Shea & Boyle team helped me after the accident in the two year period between the accident and court date. I cannot stress enough how helpful it was to have them on my side and I though I hope no one I know has to go through something similar, if they did I would absolutely recommend them to Panish Shea & Boyle! Heartfelt thanks to Andrew Owen, Brian Panish & Matthew Stumpf.

by William O.
Thank you Jake Douglass and Whitney Smith for your awesome representation

I was involved  in a car accident in 2016 , I needed the best trial experts firm because I was up against a giant! I received the best representation from Panish Shea and Boyle!  Thank you Jake Douglass and Whitney Smith for your awesome representation! You two make an excellent team! Thanks again!! I highly recommend this firm!

by Eileen Donnelly
Forever Grateful for Dan Dunbar and Alex Behar

My family will forever be grateful for Dan Dunbar and Alex Behar. My son was involved in a near fatal accident 3 years ago when he was only 25 years old. The injuries he sustained left him with a devastating spinal cord injury. As a mother, I was very involved in the case and Dan was always answering our calls, texts, and emails. He was always providing updates. Dan was very considerate and traveled to see my son, which was at least a 90 minute drive.  The case was a rollercoaster of emotions. Dan and Alex worked so well as a team and we never felt out of the loop. My son's injury will have lifetime medical expenses and because of Dan and Alex, he has access to the best of the best if needed. Our son is about to marry his high school sweetheart, has a beautiful new home, and a future of not having to worry about medical expenses and our entire family no longer has that financial burden. Thank you!!!
The Donnelly Family

by Andy N.
We are thankful with the level of work and commitment put forth by this group

We used Panish Shea and Boyle for a lengthy and detailed medical case. The attorney that represented us was Alex Behar. He did a great job at communicating with us and advocating for my family. The law firm was patient with our case and informative as things would unfold. We are thankful with the level of work and commitment put forth by this group.

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