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Panish Shea & Boyle LLP
Average rating:  
 79 reviews
by Bridgette B.
The BEST Attorneys You Could Ever Retain!

The BEST Attorneys you could ever retain. In 2016 I rented a knee caddie to heal from a prior small injury. The knee caddie that I rented was improperly manufactured, and blew apart while I was riding it. It pitched me forward causing my foot to hit the floor.  This resulted in an even worse break to the foot, torn ligaments, tears to the ankle and even worse, I ended up with CRPS.  This debilitating disease is a specialized disease and if not handled by attorneys that KNOW what they are doing, your case will be lost. Spencer Lucas, is the BEST... He knows all about CRPS. He spent night and day, for 3 years, making sure NOTHING was missed on my case. Marguerite Sanvictores is the most knowledgeable and caring attorney, and also continuously followed up with me, checking in to make sure I was doing ok. These attorneys are powerhouse attorneys and are called Super Lawyers because they earn that title, because of them, my case was settled out of court!!!!  Thank you Spencer, and Marguerite, and the whole Panish Shea & Boyle Team. You are OUTSTANDING!!!!

by Ryan L.
Top Notch Firm

Top notch firm.  Detail-oriented, hard-working professional shop with exceptional communication and consistent updates on the status of your case.  Fights tooth and nail for every dollar, genuinely cares about your well being and adds a nice personal touch.  Simply spectacular.  Nadine Khedry is the best!!!

by Paul B.
Great Level of Service and Communication

Spencer Lucas and his team are very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. We received great level of service and communication. Pleasure to deal with professional like this. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone.

by Matt O.
Kevin Boyle Leads a Team That Truly Puts Clients First

Our family has been deeply touched by the professionalism, compassion and tenacity of Panish Shea & Boyle. The experience and depth they offer puts them in a league of their own. They don't simply settle cases, they bring resolution. They leave no stone unturned. From the most credible expert witnesses to a willingness to depose anyone and everyone necessary, they leave no stone unturned. Our team was led by Kevin Boyle and Matthew Stumpf. Both are amazing and bring a personal touch that make you feel less like a client and more like family. They are down to earth, easy to talk to and truly want what is best for all of their clients. Matthew Stumpf is able to explain things in simple terms, but his mind operates on an entirely different level than anyone I've ever met. Kevin Boyle leads a team that truly puts clients first. Count yourself as blessed if you have this firm on your side

by Melissa O.

A year ago August 2018 after my husband was killed in Palmdale my three daughters and I were left without direction. My husband was headed to work that early morning as he did day after day tirelessly and always full of joy. We were his life, he honored us so well in the way he worked, served others, loved people, cherished us and uplifted us. His greatest accomplishments was living out Jesus Christ in his day in and day out. Our lives and hearts had been shattered, the light that directed us towards our future was turned off with my husband’s absence. I didn't know what to do but I knew my husband required a strong voice to speak on his behalf. Through a referral I was given I had the great privilege of working directly with David Rudorfer. From day one I was confident that David would represent my husband, my three daughters and myself well, and I was right. David, Thanks for seeing the person I am and allowing me to be me in the case. You saw my love and dedication torwards my husband and daughters and you gave me the permission to be Casey's voice, heart, his hands and feet. Thank you for letting me be my kind of strong and in my moments of breakdown, fear and anger you heard my words, you heared my heart. One thank you isn't enough. A million thank yous isn't enough. I appreciate ALL that you've done for us. You have been beyond great. Your patience towards me has been overwhelming. I tried not to be a burden and I hope I wasn't because you have been so clear with everything, step by step. You spent countless hours preparing me for what may come and my daughters saw that. You lead with confidence and I was able to do the same at home. You brought me peace of mind and so my family felt the same. It was a ripple effect. You Are Our Warrior! Thank you isn't enough, it really isn't. I hope I make PSB Law Firm proud. Thanks soooo much David! Brian, you are a giant. You both are in my book. You guys mean a lot to us. Camilla, your are amazing! Thanks for always giving me your time and being enthusiastic about the big and small projects we do. I'm so grateful for PSB Law Firm and all the work and dedication spent on my family's case. My wish is that the Lord continue to bless you all in your dedication and service to others like myself. You guys are excellent in what you do, bar none! With Appreciation, Melisa Owens And Family

by Dimitri Turner

Professional and they WIN!

by Robert G.
Bringing credibility, integrity and compassion to the legal process

I want to commend Ian Samson and Paul Traina for bringing credibility, integrity and compassion to the legal process during one of the most difficult times of my life. I was apprehensive to even seek legal representation because of all the horror stories I have heard regarding the legal system. However, when I met Ian and Paul any doubt I had about lawyers or the legal process faded. From the moment I walked in their office, Ian and Paul were warm, friendly, took an interest in what I was saying and spent a lot of time answering questions and explaining how they could help me and my family. Their dedication and advocacy was apparent and their knowledge and the strategy they put forth made me feel lucky to have them as my legal team. Ian and Paul are truly two of the smartest legal minds you will ever encounter. I felt safe and knew I was in competent hands. Ian and Paul were always available to answer any questions, provide support, and although I was not their only client they always made me feel like I was. Ian and Paul have a kindness you just don't find in people these days that coupled with their fierce advocacy and commitment to getting the best possible result makes them the only choice if you want the finest legal representation. The integrity, transparency, advocacy and caring Ian and Paul provided from the start to finish of my case brought light to one of the darkest times of my life. Ian and Paul went above and beyond throughout the entire process with the results of the case far exceeding my expectations. A heartfelt thank you to Ian and Paul for helping me get my life back and making me feel I was worth fighting for.

by Molly D.
PSB Lawyers are #1

My life would change forever after an accident occurred that not only affected me, but my family as well. I was referred to Panish Shea & Boyle by another highly respected law firm. I worked with attorneys Andrew Owen and Peter Polos. They are truly AMAZING! I couldn’t have done it without these guys! They are so knowledgeable, friendly, caring, and hardworking. They made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. It has been a really hard time for me and they truly treated me like family and I am so thankful for them. I am so happy I was introduced to Andrew Owen and Peter Polos. During the case Andrew would update me during every step of the way and in detail. He always answered all my questions and would make me feel at ease. He was there for me at all times. They worked so tirelessly to get the best outcome for our family and I’m so grateful! Wish I could give Andrew and Peter of PSB 5+ stars because they truly deserve it. Extremely satisfied, professional, and hard working . I can’t thank you all enough, it’s been such a hard time for us and you are so Awesome! Thank you!!! I trust and back these lawyers 100%!

by Miguel S.
They Truly Cared...

I was involved in a life- threatening auto accident that not only changed my way of life but also that of my family's. Panish Shea & Boyle were referred to us by some highly respected friends who are in the legal proffession and handle similar type cases. Adam Shea came to our home and explained the process thoroughly. Everyone from Adam and their staff; Ryan Casey, Patrick Gunning, Nicholas Yoka, Mary Carney, Brendan Geraghty and Kira McCoy were knowledgeable, friendly and through. They had the finest consultants looking out for our family's best welfare. They ALWAYS responded when we needed a question answered. They truly cared about the outcome of our case. We could tell they genuinely cared about our circumstances. We trusted Adam's judgement and never once questioned any of his advice. We would highly recommend Panish Shea & Boyle. Thank you to Panish Shea & Boyle for providing our family with such an amazing attorney and staff.

by Kendra S.
I Will Always Recommend Them

I could not have prayed for a better outcome with our case. Robert Glassman, Nathan Worksman, and the rest of the team at Panish Shea & Boyle are an outstanding law firm. My son was injured due to no fault of his own and lost his hand. They were recommended to us though my son's teacher, and from day one, Robert and Nathan were nothing less than attentive, understanding, and never once made me or my family feel like we were less important than any of the other cases that they were, and pretty sure, still working on. They ALWAYS took the time to answer and questions, text messages, emails, or phone calls, even at 2 in the morning when my anxiety was going absolutely crazy. I cannot express enough how much gratitude and respect my family and I have for Robert, Nathan and the rest of PSB. I will forever hold all of them in the highest regards and will Always recommend them whenever I can.

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