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Los Angeles Burn Injury Lawyers

When suffering from a severe burn, a reputable burn injury lawyer can help heal wounds that are more than just skin deep. Unlike the minor burns that most of us are used to, severe burns can damage bodily functions that aren’t directly connected to the affected area. Our skin isn’t just a covering; it’s also an organ that regulates body temperature and hydration, keeps out disease and performs numerous other functions. When a significant percentage of skin is badly damaged, victims may have to fight for their lives against diseases, severe dehydration and other threats. And of course, severe burns destroy hair follicles, sweat glands, skin elasticity and other functions closer to the surface. Victims with burns in crucial places may find they literally can’t move the affected area anymore; some can even have trouble breathing.

There may be serious non-physical consequences to a major burn injury as well. Those with burns in visible areas may be left with highly visible, unsightly scars that cause serious social and emotional problems for victims. Insensitive people and children may ask invasive personal questions, stare or even comment rudely on the scar. Because our society is so focused on physical beauty, burn victims may even face discrimination when they’re out in public. And for some victims, especially young children, this type of treatment can lead to severe shyness or other emotional problems that make it hard to live a normal life.

Statistics show that most burns acquired at home or at work are caused by preventable accidents, such as unattended cooking, dropped cigarettes or children playing with matches and lighters. Many others are the result of product defects and carelessness like bad electrical wiring, flammable home furnishings and clothing, heating and hot-water-heater accidents and appliances that short out. In workplaces involving open flames or chemicals, carelessness and lack of safety precautions are often to blame. And car and truck fires are almost always caused by broken parts or vehicle defects. In many cases, these fires could easily have been prevented if the people or companies responsible for making sure we’re safe had done their jobs.

What’s more, California residents face the elevated risk of injury from wildfires.  A recent insurance company study found that over 2 million homes in California are considered to be at high risk from wildfires, with more than 417,000 in Los Angeles County alone.  These risk are very real and translate to more than risk of property damage.  Statistics have shown that in 2011, fires claimed the lives of 3,005 people and injured over 17,000 – many of which were in Southern California.

The Los Angeles burn injury attorneys at Panish Shea & Boyle are also nationally known as top personal injury and complex litigation attorneys. Our successes include a burn case that led to the largest jury verdict in U.S. history, Anderson v. General Motors. In that case, partner Brian Panish helped recover $4.9 billion for six people who were severely burned when their vehicle was rear-ended, causing the defectively placed gas tank to burst into flames. In another case, occupants of a 15-passenger van that rolled over won a large confidential settlement after many were killed or badly burned.

Panish Shea & Boyle is consistently recognized as one of the nation’s top consumer law firms. Our attorneys take leadership roles in numerous complex national lawsuits, including pharmaceutical class actions, aviation disaster lawsuits and defective tire litigation. All of our attorneys are active in professional organizations, and partners frequently speak and write to other attorneys about trial practice and specific legal topics.

Burn Injury Verdicts & Settlements

  1. Anderson v. General Motors $4,907,632,000
  2. Griggs v. Caterpillar, et al. $58,137,361
    Joseph B. Griggs sued West-Pac Industries after the Caterpillar scraper he was operating burst into flames resulting in third-degree burns over 75% of his body. Attorney Brian Panish argued that the fire was due to a defective mechanical product in the hydraulic system of the construction vehicle. A jury agreed, awarding Griggs $58,137,361.
  3. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $4,000,000
  4. Hernandez v. Doe Heater Manufacturer $3,700,000
  5. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $3,500,000
  6. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $3,000,000
  7. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $3,000,000
  8. Luu v. Doe Corporation $2,000,000
  9. Allaire v. Century Cable Co. $2,000,000
  10. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $2,000,000
  11. Younger v. Foster Wheeler $1,750,000
  12. Cohen v. Sports Connection $1,400,000
  13. Williams v. S.C.E. $1,200,000

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