PSB Obtains $3.7 Million Settlement in Auto Collision Wrongful Death Case

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Panish Shea & Boyle LLP attorneys Spencer Lucas, Marguerite Sanvictores and Nadine Khedry obtained a $3,700,000 settlement for the adult daughter of a 64-year-old woman who was killed in an auto v. auto head-on collision on the interstate. Defendant Lorena Martinez lost control of the Lexus she was driving — owned by her boyfriend, Defendant Barry Shy — which careened through an 80-foot dirt median and crushed decedent. The subject Lexus had experienced tire tread separation just moments before the collision and it was later determined the tires on the vehicle hadn’t been replaced, rotated, or maintained in 12 years. Defendant Shy paid $3,600,000 in cash to settle the case. The remaining $100,000 was paid by insurance.