Brian Panish & Kevin Boyle Named Among Daily Journal’s Top 100 Lawyers in California

Posted on September 18, 2019

Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi LLP founding partners Brian Panish and Kevin Boyle have been named among the Top 100 Lawyers in California by the Daily Journal for 2019. The annual publication recognizes attorneys throughout the state who are doing cutting edge legal work for their clients.                                                                                                                                                                            BRIAN PANISH                                                                                                                                                                                                          The article featuring Mr. Panish highlights his leadership in several high-profile cases including the shooting death of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, California as well as his role as lead counsel in several of the wildfire litigations throughout California.

In addition to serving as Co-Lead Counsel in the Southern California Fire Cases arising from the 2017 Thomas Fire and subsequent debris flows in Montecito, California, Mr. Panish has been appointed to serve as Co-Lead Counsel in the Woolsey Fire litigation. He is also serving as Co-Lead Counsel representing thousands of people who were affected by the 2015 Aliso Canyon Gas Well Blowout in Porter Ranch, California.

Mr. Panish notes in the article that his favorite part of the legal profession isn’t the court victories, numerous award or the media attention. It’s the clients.

“I love my clients, and being able to make a difference in their lives,” he says. “It makes it all worthwhile.”


The article featuring Mr. Boyle highlights a few of his recent cases resulting from tragedies that have also made internationa headlines. He is currently representing a wide range of clients including Veterans with claims of psychosis following the military’s use of the anti-malarial drug Lariam, relatives of some of the 157 people who died in the March 2019 crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane on its way to Kenya as well as some of the late Jeffrey Epstein’s many accusers. Of the latter, Mr. Boyle states he is exploring the legitmacy of a will Epstein signed two days before his death that opened an estate in the Virgin Islands.

“We’re trying to get them justice the only way we can do that under the civil law is to get them as much money as we can, and they deserve it,” Mr. Boyle said. “The executors filed papers in the Virgin Islands saying his estate is worth over $500 million and we think there are more assets out there as well.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            He also said various look-back statutes we being examined so his legal team could work around the statute of limitations for minors who were sexually assaulted.

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