Panish Shea & Boyle LLP Obtains $6 Million Settlement In Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Wrongful Death Case

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PSB attorneys Pete Kaufman, Brian Panish and Jake Douglass obtained settlements totaling $6,020,647 for the parents of a man who was tragically killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in a Palm Springs hotel room in November 2013.

An investigation revealed that a pool heater, located in a mechanical room directly below the Plaintiff’s hotel room, was the source of the carbon monoxide that caused his death. The heater, purchased “used” off Craigslist, was installed without permits by an unlicensed handyman. Previous occupants of the same room had complained about feeling ill while in the room, and nothing had been done.

Plaintiffs settled with a general contractor for $1,000,000 early in the case and settled with the remaining defendants on the eve of trial this year for $5,020,647.