PSB Obtains $6 Million Settlement For Man Injured In Elevator Shaft Fall

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Attorneys Brian Panish, Spencer Lucas and Jake Douglass obtained a $5,999,999 settlement for a man who was seriously injured when he fell down an elevator shaft. Manuel Ramirez worked as an elevator operator at a downtown Los Angeles building. While Mr. Ramirez was on his lunch break, an elevator service technician moved the elevator from the main floor to a different level without placing any warning signs or barriers at the entrance to the elevator. When Mr. Ramirez opened the elevator door and stepped through it, he fell 25 feet and suffered numerous injuries, including multiple leg and rib fractures, a lumbar fracture and a traumatic brain injury. The traumatic brain injury, in combination with a diabetic spike in his glucose levels caused by the trauma and stress of the accident, left Mr. Ramirez legally blind. Juan J. Dominguez also represented the plaintiff in the case.