Ryan Casey & Adam Shea Discuss How To Recognize A Workers’ Comp Third-Party Cross-Over Case

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Advocate-May16-cvr - CopyThe Workers’Compensation third-party case is a potential type of case that often gets overlooked by attorneys who assume that when workers are injured on the job, their only course of remedy for their client is to go through the Worker’s Compensation system. In the May issue of Advocate, Panish Shea & Boyle LLP attorneys Ryan Casey and Adam Shea provide a detailed analysis of this common misconception as well as how attorneys can identify and pursue this type of cross-over case to maximize their client’s options.

There are many scenarios where a third-party cross-over case could arise from a client’s injury suffered during the scope and course of his or her employment including on a multi-employer job site, an injury caused by a defective product used on the job or the client’s injury may have happened on private or public property not owned by the employer. Even motor vehicle accidents have the potential for a crossover case.

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