Sheaffer v. NuCO2 Recognized By Daily Journal As 2015 Top Verdict By Impact

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Panish Shea & Boyle LLP’s $17,393,500 jury verdict against NuCO2 for a young man who was severely injured after being involved in a multiple-vehicle collision caused by a negligently driven NuCO2 truck was recognized by the Daily Journal as one of 2015’s Top Verdicts by Impact. Russell Sheaffer suffered severe facial injuries and a mild brain injury when a 35,000-pound flatbed tanker truck, traveling at freeway speeds, slammed into a row of five stopped vehicles on a California interstate. Sheaffer’s stopped Toyota, the third of five cars, was hit with such force that its seat broke, propelling the University of Indiana film graduate student into the SUV in front of him.

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP attorneys Brian Panish, Deborah Chang, Thomas Schultz, and Austin Ward as well as attorney Carla DeDominicis of The Law Office of Carla DeDominicis represented Sheaffer at trial.

The Daily Journal’s article highlights the firm’s use of executive presentations, 3D models of the jaw as well as hundreds of photos and medical illustrations to demonstrate the degenerative nature of the bone deformity caused by the car crash. Additional testimony provided by counselors and friends of Sheaffer were also noted as being effective in proving damages for a young man who appeared to have no lasting effects from the accident.  This is believed to be the largest jury verdict in San Diego Superior Court, North Division history.

Read the verdict information for Russell Sheaffer v. NuCO2 here.