$8.1 Million Settlement for Motorcyclist Injured After Hitting Paper Roll Dropped On Freeway

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Panish Shea & Boyle LLP attorneys Brian Panish and Deborah Chang, along with co-counsel Greg Vanni of Thon Beck Vanni Callahan & Powell, obtained a $8,100,000 settlement for a 47-year-old man injured when his motorcycle hit a paper roll in a lane of traffic. 

Sergio Jolon, was riding his motorcycle on the freeway one morning on the way to work when he hit a massive 5′ x 8′ roll of paper obstructing his lane of travel.  He was catapulted into the air and suffered multiple fractures throughout his body, a traumatic brain injury, and permanent nerve damage.  Firm attorneys argued that the paper rolls had been negligently loaded and secured onto the trailer, that the tractor-trailer was negligently operated and that, at the time of the incident, the roadway in question was impermissibly dangerous.  Three defendants, including Caltrans, contributed to the settlement in the case.