Understanding How Pothole Dangers Can Be Avoided

Posted on February 4, 2014

There are many hazards that crop up on the roadways, but some risks are so common that we tend to overlook them.  One such risk might be that posed by potholes.  We largely think of them as a mere nuisance, but they can do some fairly serious damage to automobiles and even leave one more susceptible to a collision.  So that you might avoid such circumstances, think about some of the tips provided by the Insurance Bureau of Canada in a press release.

When you’re approaching a pothole, you don’t want to slam on the brakes or swerve far out of the way, as this can actually put your vehicle more at risk, not just from the pothole but from any cars you’re sharing the road with.  Instead, the release advises simply lowering your speed, drifting toward and over the pothole.

So that you can maintain control of your vehicle on particularly large potholes, make sure not to be lax with the way you’re gripping the steering column.  A pothole can shoot you off-course, and even a slight alteration can send you toward nearby obstacles or vehicles.

In the winter, you also have to take precautions when your ability to see potholes is obscured by snow cover or runoff.  What looks like a slight accumulation of water could actually hide a substantial pockmark in the road, so be wary during less than ideal weather conditions.

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