Testosterone Supplements To Receive FDA Safety Investigation

Posted on February 14, 2014

A couple weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration announced its intention to revisit testosterone supplement therapy.  This was due to recent research that called into question whether or not the users of such products could be susceptible to heightened injury risks in the form of heart issues.  Persons who use these products in order to boost their own testosterone should understand the situation currently playing out.

The first study that called into question the safety of the testosterone therapy was featured this past November in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  That research discovered that the study participants, who already had a history of heart issues, had their susceptibility increased even further if brought into contact with the testosterone products.  Heart attacks, strokes, and fatalities resulting from the same were 30% more likely to occur.

That’s not all.  Another study analyzed the propensity for heart attacks in the initial three months following the start of exposure to the testosterone supplements.  Depending on the person’s age and history of heart issues, the risk of heart attacks could either double or triple.

All of this has prompted the FDA to reevaluate whether or not these products could be deemed safe.  Currently, persons are only supposed to use these items if their testosterone levels are so low that they contribute to subsequent medical issues.

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