Protecting Pets From Hazards Created By Winter Weather

Posted on February 4, 2014

The winter poses a number of hazards to the average citizen, but it can be downright dangerous to our pets.  There are numerous dangers that can go overlooked by pet owners during the winter, and with a couple months left before the weather takes a turn for the warm, it’s important to revisit some of the precautions that can protect animals.  A new report from ABC News relates how to do so.

You of course will want to make sure that your pets are kept sufficiently warm during the winter.  This would not be the appropriate time to shave a dog’s fur, as that fur will offer them an additional layer of protection from the elements.  A pet should also be set up with a warm sleeping space, preferably indoors.  If outdoors, then pet owners should at the very least have a dog house that is sufficiently insulated and kept off the ground so that the cold can’t creep in.

Place limits on how long dogs are allowed to be outside romping through the snow, even if they seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.  And when they come in from the snow, see to their paws to make sure they haven’t sustained an injury in the ice.  Wiping dogs off can also protect them from some chemicals that might be on the ground.

One of the more important things that pet owners should check is that no cats have crawled under the car or the hood in a bid to stay warm.

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