Don’t Overlook The Potential Fire Hazard Posed By Your Dryer

Posted on February 3, 2014

This winter, we’ve talked about many of the fire hazards that tend to crop up as people set out to heat their homes during bouts of extreme cold.  If you’re not using a space heater, a fireplace, or a furnace in the optimum manner, you put yourself and everyone within your residence at risk.

However, there is another part of the home that can pose a fire hazard under the right (or rather, wrong) circumstances, and that’s the clothes dryer.  Many people may overlook this potential hazard despite the fact that it can heat up hotter than just about anything else in the home.  Thankfully, you can protect yourself by enacting some of the safety tips available from the Fire Marshal of Newtown, Connecticut in a new report.

He points out that the biggest threat to safety is when the dryer isn’t adequately cleaned.  If left unimpeded, the buildup of lint can become quite dangerous.  When exposed to sufficient temperatures, it could catch fire and endanger the immediate area.  That’s why you should clean out the filter and dispose of the lint properly.

The other area that you have to make sure is clear is the space around the vent.  If hot air is unable to properly escape via this vent, this could also pose a danger.

For more tips on how to safely use your dryer, click the link up above.

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