Dog Parks Require Safety Attentiveness

Posted on February 10, 2014

You would never take your children to a park and then let them run around without keeping an eye on them, would you?  Well, it’s important to lend the same type of supervision to a dog park you bring your animal to.  Although dog parks can be a great way for dogs to socialize and get exercise, there’s always a risk that your pet could be hurt, they could hurt another pet, or, in an excitable state, even a human would get hurt.  To reduce the risk of such situations, consider the tips in a new report from the Calgary Herald.

The article points out those activities that probably aren’t a good idea.  Overexcitement can prove dangerous if it leads your dog or others to play too rough.  Try to calm your dog down before letting them into the park if this is the case.  And if your dog is running around at full speed with others in tow, try to call it over.  This activity is really only suitable to a couple of dogs; having many dogs in the mix can lead to an injury.

Also be on the lookout for signs that your animal is not having a good time or could be at risk for an injury.  If your dog gets pinned beneath another for a handful of seconds, try to get them out of that situation, especially if they’re on their back.  Yelping should also send alarm bells going off in your head, as should your animal tucking its tail beneath its body.

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