A Call For Solutions To Distracted Driving

Posted on February 6, 2014

Distracted driving has proven to be a truly daunting obstacle for road safety, and the problem has brooked no simple solutions.  Still, there are promising avenues worth pursuing, and a new piece in the British Medical Journal relates some of the ways to curb texting and cellphone usage at the wheel.

A report from the CBC explores that editorial, which offers a two-prong solution to the serious distracted driving conundrum.  First, the authors relate the importance of having the proper laws in place in order to provide an impetus for drivers to think twice before they pull out their phones in the midst of transit.  They point out that someone who has the potential to lose their license for a year will probably hesitate before replying to an incoming text.

But this poses its own problems, because even with laws in place, there’s always the opportunity for savvy drivers to find a way to conceal their actions and thus avoid a ticket.  That’s why the authors also call for technologies that can disable texting functions on a phone when a vehicle is in motion.

Such systems are currently available, but they are in their relative infancy and haven’t yet reached widespread adoption.  Time will tell if any of the available solutions make an impact on our nation’s highways.

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