Arth-Q Supplement Receives FDA Advisory Over Ibuprofen Presence

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A dietary supplement has received a safety advisory from the Food and Drug Administration because of the potential for the items to contain ibuprofen.  Any item containing ibuprofen needs to go through the approval process because of the substance’s classification as an NSAID, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.  Arth-Q, the arthritis supplement in question, may contain ibuprofen and thus would be considered an unapproved drug.  Persons who don’t realize they’re coming into contact with ibuprofen could be exposed to such side effects as ulcerations, intestinal perforations, heart attacks, and adverse interactions with other drugs they may be taking.  These products should not be used and any suspected adversity should prompt a user to seek out prompt medical assistance.

Follow this link for the full warning.