Beef Jerky Recalled By Prime Snax Over Undeclared Soy Risk

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Beef jerky is being recalled by the Salt Lake City, Utah-based Prime Snax Incorporated because of a potential undeclared allergen risk posed to consumers.  A whopping 90,000 pounds of product under various brands are being recalled from across the country.  The recall affects assorted flavors of jerky under the Southwest Trail, Desert Star, Kettle Creek, Arizona Jacks, and Terrell brands.  These items could have trace amounts of soy lecithin without the labels stating as much, and persons who are allergic to that substance could therefore be put at risk.  There haven’t been any instances in which a person has reported getting sick because of this issue, and concerned parties can continue that track record by ceasing consumption of the jerky.

For more about the recall, follow this link.