How To Safely Familiarize Pets With Young Children

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If you’re having a baby, then your life is about to go through a number of changes.  But it’s not just your circumstances that are going to change:  your pets will be forced to adapt to the new situation too.

You want your pet to be welcoming to your child so that there’s no potential for an injury, and to do so, you might think about some of the tips available from the Humane Society in a new report.  In keeping these things in mind, you’ll prepare yourself for any possible reaction that your dog or other pet could experience.

If your animal isn’t trained, this would be a good time to do so.  Something like a large dog, though friendly, may not necessarily recognize its own power.  They may not be ready to tread lightly around a baby, and obedience classes can ensure that you’ll be able to keep them in line and that they’ll be more subdued around younger children.

There are also ways that you can help your pet get through the transition.  One tactic would be to carry a doll around to get the pet to recognize those instances when they shouldn’t be jumping all over you.  If you have friends with kids, you might invite them over, always making sure of course to supervise interactions between your pets and their babies.