Injury Hazards Prompt Pico Rivera Firm To Recall 3,600 Baby Walkers

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The Pico Rivera, California-based Bebe Love USA has announced the recall of Baby Walkers because of a couple different issues that could compromise safety.  The recall affects 3,600 units with a Model Number of either 368 or 358.  On the former, the openings for the child’s legs are of a size sufficient to allow the kid to fall through and get his or her neck tangled up in the unit.  In both models, the walkers do not have measures that ensure stoppage at a dropoff, and they’re also small enough that they can be maneuvered through doors.  Thankfully, there haven’t been any reported injuries, and to ensure safety in the future, a repair kit can be sought from the company and the items shouldn’t be used until that time.  The products were available in California and two other states between November 2011 and last July.

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