Cervelo P5 Bicycles Recalled By 3T Design Over Control Loss Risk

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Bikes imported by the Carlsbad, California-based Focus Bicycles USA are being recalled because of a safety issue that could lead to user injury.  3T Design announced the recall, which affects Cervelo P5 bicycles of the 2012 through 2013 model years.  The recall pertains to the estimated 1,300 bikes around the country that could have 3T Aduro handlebars.  Detachment of the forward extension mounts is a possibility, and when that takes place, control may not be possible and the rider could find himself or herself steering into an obstacle or falling off the bike.  A broken collar bone has already been reported, as have 27 other incidents.  New handlebars can be obtained from 3T Design, and in the meantime, the bike should not be ridden.  These bikes were sold between May 2012 and August of last year.

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