V2V Communication On Display At Las Vegas CES

Posted on January 7, 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show has been ongoing in Las Vegas, and while much of the media attention and many of the attendees have focused on various technologies that you can wear or televisions that provide the best resolution possible, there was another sort of tech on hand that could dramatically change the face of traffic safety.

A new article takes a look at that technology, known as Vehicle to Vehicle Communications.  One reporter got to experience what this system was like firsthand when he sat in on a demonstration from Ford.

His report relates how, as the car was careening toward a green light, a warning went off alerting the driver of that vehicle to an oncoming automobile that was blowing right through the intersection.  The reporter also got to see how the technology can alert the driver to stalled automobiles or other vehicles in their blind spots.

Such is the future of Vehicle to Vehicle technology, which many auto enthusiasts and safety advocates hope can lead to a dramatic reduction in fatalities around the country.  It may be some time until this vision becomes a reality, as a majority of vehicles will need to be outfitted and testing is still ongoing, but it’s definitely a promising start to continued highway safety.

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