Tesla Rep Takes Issue With Questions About Safety

Posted on January 15, 2014

Last week was all about the automotive safety innovations on hand at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but this week, automakers have gathered in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show.  At that venue, one embattled automaker decided to take a stand.

Tesla has caught flak for a few different reasons over recent weeks and months.  Reports of fires have continued to plague the auto company even as it seeks to expand ownership numbers.  In addition to that, the company has had to recall wall adapters over concerns about a fire.  An incident in Irvine sparked that recall, which affects an estimated 29,000 chargers.  Tesla says the issue can be resolved via a software update.

Yesterday, a representative of the company took the opportunity given by the auto show to respond to those who have been critical of Tesla’s track record of safety.  The New York Times explores this and the previous safety issues in a new report.

First, he took issue with the very idea that the recall should be called a recall.  He then pointed out that Model S vehicles have yet to cause a serious injury.  A representative of Kelley Blue Book noted in the report that the issues facing Tesla have not seemed to affect enthusiasm for their vehicles, which has grown recently as the auto company seeks to expand.

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