Take Precautions To Prevent Drowning When Bathing Your Baby

Posted on January 23, 2014

If you’re a new parent, then you must take the proper precautions when it comes time to give your baby a bath.  You need to be as careful as possible so that your family doesn’t experience a tragedy, and to that end, please consider some of the safety tips available from Little Rock Family Magazine in a new report.

First, don’t overfill the bathing area with water, and make sure that the water you do use is at an optimum temperature.  You neither want the water to be so hot that it could scald nor so cold that the child could shiver.

Supervision is going to be critical not just while your child is a baby, but for the next few years.  It takes hardly any time at all for a child to accidentally subject himself or herself to a drowning hazard, but if you’re around at all times, the threat posed by these hazards will be reduced.

Bath toys are acceptable once your child hits a certain age benchmark, but he or she shouldn’t be encouraged to play with the various knobs or other objects that may be in or around the bathtub.  In fact, you can buy child-resistant accessories for the knobs and other locks in the bathroom so that you know the child won’t turn them.  That doesn’t give you permission to suddenly leave their side, but it can boost safety.

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