Safe Running Requires Extra Precautions In Winter

Posted on January 28, 2014

Staying safe while running outdoors in the winter is usually a little trickier than it is in the summer.  Not only do you have to take the right precautions that anyone would need to enact as a pedestrian, but you also have to be willing to take a few extra steps for safety when the weather is colder.  A new report relates some great tips on boosting safety that you should keep in mind while running.

First, understand that there might be times when you need to delay your run or take it indoors.  If winter weather strikes, the ground can get rather slick and visibility can be severely diminished.  In such an environment, it’s best not to take a risk.

When you do run outside, make sure you’re taking a smart path.  In the winter, that may mean navigating around areas that could be susceptible to the formation of ice, and at all times of the year, it means striving to avoid those high traffic areas where the risk of being struck by an automobile could increase.

Running with a partner or with a few people can increase your protection in multiple ways.  Not only are there more of you for drivers to see, but if an injury occurs, the others can provide help or seek out emergency assistance.

For more tips, follow the link up above.

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