Prepare Early In Case Your Automobile Gets Stuck In The Cold

Posted on January 20, 2014

A new article offers some key insights on how to stay safe (and appropriately warm) should you ever find yourself stranded in a vehicle in the midst of cold temperatures.  While you may not be worried about this given the dry spell that Southern California has been in as of late, the tips on hand from the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes are worth understanding in the future.

First, you should have some things in your vehicle that will enable you to promote safety.  Food and water are a great idea, as are flashlights for when it’s dark outside.  A blanket can keep you warm, and if this isn’t available, think outside the box when it comes to staying warm.  A seat cover can be wrapped around you like a blanket, and maps can even offer minimal protection.  If all else fails, your floor mats of all things may be used as your own personal insulation.

You want to pull yourself out of the roadway if you can do so, as that will minimize the risk of being struck by other vehicles, even the responders that have been tasked with helping you out.  Increase your own visibility by having your emergency flashers lit.  Run your engine at regular intervals if you can, but do not let it run the whole time, as this can prove dangerous in and of itself.

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