Pedestrians Must Always Keep Safety In Mind

Posted on January 24, 2014

Pedestrian safety is a serious issue in all parts of California.  In Los Angeles, police have been writing out tickets in large numbers to pedestrians who choose to cross the street at inopportune moments, and in San Francisco, a series of injurious and fatal collisions have spurred officials to take steps to improve safety.

Another place that has apparently been plagued by pedestrian collisions is Prince William County, Virginia, and in response to those incidents, a new report from that area relates some important tips from the Department of Motor Vehicles and local officers.  Those tips could be enacted here in California as well.

Bikes are required to move with traffic, but that’s because they’re classified as a moving vehicle when in operation; the same does not go for persons on foot.  So that pedestrians can react to an errant driving maneuver, they’re asked to walk in the road when doing so is necessary.  Of course, this should only be a last resort when the sidewalk isn’t available.

You’re also going to want to avoid drinking alcohol if you need to walk near traffic.  The worry is that your focus won’t be as great as it otherwise could or that you could stumble into traffic.  It’s best to stay clear of high-traffic areas if you’ve been drinking.

Finally, be extra cautious when the sun is coming up or going down.  The glare can diminish a driver’s ability to see you, and thus they could barrel into you without even realizing you’re there beforehand.

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