Overlooked Outdoor Hazards That Can Threaten Your Pet

Posted on January 14, 2014

If you are a pet owner who lives in a frigid environment, then you have to be especially vigilant to your animal’s needs at this time of the year.  Dogs are far hardier than humans in terms of dealing with the cold in some ways, but in others, they can actually be more susceptible to danger.  To protect your animal, please be sure to consider the tips available from the American Kennel Club in a new report.

Some of the substances that get thrown down on the pavement in order to prevent the formulation of ice can actually be quite harmful to a dog.  Rock salt, for instance, might be toxic to dogs.  You may not notice this danger as you’re taking your pet for a walk, but when you get home, he or she may be inclined to lick their paws, and that’s how the toxicity gets passed.  Avoid this danger by cleaning your pet’s paws when you get home from such an excursion.

Antifreeze is another danger that you have to watch out for.  If you’re walking your dog and you see a pool of this, you need to give it a wide berth.  In your own home, if you have to use antifreeze, make sure that you look into the kind that actually says on the label that it would not be toxic to dogs.

Finally, make sure that your pet isn’t stuck in the car.  He or she can get cold fast, and this can prove quite dangerous.

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