Numerous Teens Not Eager To Embrace Driving At First Opportunity

Posted on January 29, 2014

Many teenagers absolutely cannot wait until they reach legal driving age so that they can get behind the wheel on their own.  However, recent research has shown that this is not the case universally, with an increasing number of teens actually opting to hold off on the responsibility of driving until later years.

A new report examines this phenomenon, which can be attributed to a number of possible factors.  In Florida, where the report hails from, there was a reported 15% drop in teens at the wheel, and similar declines have occurred at the national level.

Some wonder whether teenagers are placing more import on being able to own and pay for a Smartphone so that they can stay connected with their friends, opting to save money by not worrying about the price of a car along with all attendant insurance and gas.

This idea was emphasized by both the Vice President of the Highway Loss Data Institute and a professor at Rollins College.  The latter individual also explained how the increased emphasis on mass transit and green living could be serving to dissuade teenagers from getting behind the wheel at the first opportunity.

The Florida Safety Council’s director points out the impact that a steady stream of public service announcements could likewise have on modern teenagers, who have grown up in a world that reinforces the many dangers that await them in an automobile.

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