New Rule Could Offer Additional Sideswipe Protection To Children

Posted on January 22, 2014

A new rule that could soon be on the way from the United States government has the potential to improve the safety of car seats.  If passed, it would join other recommendations about the LATCH systems that also seek to reduce the threat posed to children by a crash.

USA Today explores the issue in a new report, and anyone with children of car seat age should understand what’s going on.  The rule would involve the future implementation of a test as mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  It hopes to correct a possible design issue that could compromise safety during certain crash situations.

The situation in question is what could occur to a child in a car seat when a given vehicle is sideswiped by another while traveling at speed.  Although car seats are designed to limit damage during other types of crashes, the worry here is that the interior of the vehicle could strike the child or the child himself or herself may be subject to intense forces that would be hazardous to their smaller frames.

The NHTSA may soon call for a test that car seat makers could put their systems through in order to ensure protection is offered in this regard.  If it comes to be, it would join new labeling on car seats used in conjunction with LATCH.

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