Know How To Safely Jumpstart A Car When The Battery Dies

Posted on January 3, 2014

There’s always a chance that, while you’re out driving, your vehicle could suddenly cease to function.  One of the most likely culprits when this occurs is a dead battery.

Hopefully, you’ll be close to home or at the very least in a place where it will be easy to pull your vehicle over.  If you’re not at home, then your first step will be getting the battery jumped so that you can get to a repair facility or your garage.  If you have to use jumper cables, consider the guidance on hand from a new report out of Dubuque, Iowa.

The report notes that placing the positive jumper on the attendant portion of the dead battery should come first, followed by the same on the live unit.  Place the negative end on the working battery and then do the same to the dead one, making sure at all times that the clamps are attached where necessary.

Start the working car first, and then start the other vehicle.  If it doesn’t start right away, give it some time.  When you finally get the engine to rev, let both cars run with the jumpers between for a short time before you disconnect and then head out.  Be careful with the jumpers as you pull them away.

Finally, if you’re not comfortable doing this, you can always call a towing service like AAA to help you.  That way, safety can be assured.

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