Helping Elderly Loved Ones Avoid Self-Neglect

Posted on January 8, 2014

Deciding when the time is right for an elderly loved one to be transferred from an to some type of care center or assisted living facility is not an easy prospect.  Oftentimes, the individual may balk at the idea, meaning that there are going to be some difficult conversations in the future.

If someone of a certain age begins to exhibit symptoms of self-neglect, this trying path must be traversed at some point.  Someone who lives on their own but whose faculties begin to slip could suffer in a manner that wouldn’t be dissimilar from elder abuse, and getting that person help is essential.

A new report casts a spotlight on the self-neglect issue with the aim of helping persons with loved ones going through that situation.  Self-neglect can take many forms.  The person may not be properly taking care of their living area, allowing it to get dirty or leading to the formation of tripping hazards and other dangers.  They may not be getting the appropriate sustenance if they’re forgetting to eat or buy groceries, or they could face health issues if they end up not taking medications prescribed to them by a doctor.

It will be up to you to converse with your loved ones and figure out when the time is right to make a change.  Review your options with the person, making sure that their needs and concerns are taken into account.

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