Heating Your Home With Safety In Mind

Posted on January 10, 2014

California is large enough that there can be numerous types of weather patterns in place throughout the state, so while some people may get to bask in the warm glow of the sun, others are struggling to cope with the cold weather tearing through their area.  If you’re living in the latter type of area and need to heat your home, you need to approach this process in the safest way possible, and that may require putting into action the tips from the Red Cross related in a new report out of New Mexico.

First, if you need to heat your home, do it with something that has actually been designed for that task.  A fireplace is acceptable; an oven or a blowdryer are not.  Using such objects is how burns and fires can occur, and you need to keep your family safe from these threats.

If you’ve started a blaze in the fireplace, you still have to be cautious.  The screen should be in use whenever you’re not tending to the fire so that embers can’t drift out and catch something in the vicinity.  Even logs can roll out if positioned precariously.  You should keep flammable objects clear to further reduce this risk.  All flames must be squelched before you leave or go to bed for the night.

For more tips, including what to do with space heaters and generators, follow the link up above.

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