First Ever Google Glass Ticket Gets Tossed Out

Posted on January 17, 2014

A couple months ago, we related a situation widely reported in the media involving what seemed to be the first ever distracted driving ticket handed out to a person wearing Google Glass.  At its most basic, Glass is a heads-up display that a person can wear over his or her face to access many of the functions now common in Smartphones.  A woman was pulled over and ticketed in San Diego while reportedly wearing this device, and the situation sparked a large debate about safety.

That debate is likely to continue given the news that the woman who was ticketed has won her case in traffic court.  A new report delves into the recent ruling.

Rather than serving as a bellwether for the future usage of these devices, the ticket appears to have been thrown out for the simple fact that the judge determined there was a lack of proof surrounding whether the Glass was turned on when a California Highway Patrol trooper pulled her over.

The judge was quick to note that the law banning the usage of screen and video monitors would apply to Glass.  Therefore, the ruling leaves the door open for future traffic tickets and liability.  That means that, should Glass grow to be widely adopted, don’t just think that you can use it at the wheel without repercussions.

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