FDA Urges Caution When Removing Warts

Posted on January 16, 2014

Have you had a pesky wart that you wanted to remove but didn’t want to have to go in to the doctor to do so?  If so, then you might set your sights on the kind of over the counter products that are readily available in stores around the country.  Unfortunately, these items could prove hazardous under the right circumstances.

Such is the takeaway from a new consumer health update put out by the Food and Drug Administration.  In it, the agency delves into how wart removers available for use in an at-home setting can actually prompt a fire under the right circumstances.

Many people may not realize that these products are flammable, but indeed they are, as a quick check of the labels should be able to confirm.  The items consist of a dispenser  containing a substance that may be applied to the wart at regular intervals until that wart disappears.

The nature of this substance is such that it could catch fire when exposed to some type of open flame.  This would pose an injury hazard to the user.

14 reports have been sent to the FDA relating instances of adversity in the past five years, allegedly leading to minor injuries and fires affecting property in the vicinity.  If you’re ever using one of the aforementioned products, please make sure that you’re following the label instructions and staying clear of open flames during usage.

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