Exercise Defensive Driving When Approaching A School Zone

Posted on January 27, 2014

In the winter, it becomes even more important to use the proper precautions while in a school zone.  The roads can get slick, and in the early morning, the rising sun can interfere with your ability to see the roadway (and any children that might be crossing).  So that kids can get to school safely, please consider taking the precautions available in a new report whenever you drop kids off, pick them up, or merely travel through a school zone on the way to work.

First, pay attention to signs, especially in residential areas.  That way, you know when it will be appropriate to slow down.  Even if you’re not in the official school zone, you can monitor your speed so that you’re not going to endanger kids who may be walking or biking to school.

Be prepared to go slow, leaving plenty of time in your commute should you get behind a child on a bicycle in the road or a school bus picking up kids.  If you ever navigate around anyone on a bike, remember California’s Three Foot Rule, which is in place to keep cyclists safe.  When it comes to buses, these are never acceptable to pass, as a stopped bus may have just let off kids or be picking them up, and thus those kids could dart across the street without you being ready to stop.

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