Ensure Safety When Pipes Burst

Posted on January 9, 2014

We’ve previously discussed what can be done by residents of cold weather locales to prevent pipes from freezing during the winter, but one thing we haven’t really focused on is what steps to take when those precautions fail and the pipes freeze over anyway.  When this happens, the pipes are in danger of rupturing, flooding your home and endangering people in the vicinity.  To avoid danger when this happens, please consider the precautions related by the Fire and Rescue squad of Huntsville, Alabama.

The biggest danger is going to occur if the water comes into contact with electricity.  Any type of appliance could potentially pose an electrocution danger if the water makes its way from a burst pipe toward a live electrical source.

If you suspect this may be the case, then steer clear of the room in question, and call emergency officials who can shut off the electricity and help you avoid an injury.  You shouldn’t just not go near the water; you shouldn’t go in the room where the water is located.

When this happens, make sure to cordon off the area, not letting children or animals in the vicinity while you wait for emergency officials to arrive.  If you know how to turn off your water supply, do that while you wait so that flooding doesn’t continue uninterrupted.

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