Correcting Overlooked Home Safety Hazards During The Winter

Posted on January 7, 2014

Winter weather can have some dangerous effects on your home, and some of these are more obvious than others.  If you live in an area of California that has been impacted by the snow or the cold, then think on some of the precautions described in a new report out of Philadelphia.

In snowy and wet conditions, the threat of a slip and fall doesn’t just exist outside.  The foyers of homes and commercial properties alike become dangerous places as people trudge in and get an already slippery floor even slicker.  This can lead yourself or guests to slip and potentially sustain serious injuries.

Try to prevent this by being attentive to the state of all surfaces within the home.  Clean up any slick surfaces at once so that the threat of falling is minimized, and have some type of station by the door where everyone can place their shoes when they walk in.  That way, wetness doesn’t get dragged all throughout the foyer and the home.

Also take the proper precautions when you’re heating your home.  When you’re using a wood-burning fireplace, make sure that you’re only using logs that are suited to that purpose, and use the proper precautions when placing the logs inside the fire.  You also want children and anyone else in the home to give the fireplace a wide berth so that they’re not endangered.

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