California Officials Tout Alcohol-Free Drinks For Designated Drivers

Posted on January 20, 2014

Christmas and New Year’s Eve might be over, but even with the close of the holidays, there is still going to be ample opportunity for adults to indulge in alcohol consumption.  If you ever have a few drinks, though, you absolutely must be responsible.  You have to call a cab or plan on staying in or else have someone in the group act as the designated driver.

Once it comes time for you to be the designated driver, you have to take this duty seriously.  You can’t have a few drinks or even a single drink; you have to be completely sober when you get behind the wheel.

The California Office of Traffic Safety understands this, and the agency has pledged resources to ensure that people across the state are always able to get home safely.  A couple days ago, they came out with a press release focused on something called DDrinks.  For the past couple of years, California restaurants and bar establishments have been providing the OTS with a list of concoctions that designated drivers are able to drink in place of the alcoholic beverages that everyone else in the group may be having.

The press release highlights the introduction of a dozen new drinks that will join an ever-expanding list.  The coming year will see a new drink being promoted by the OTS on a monthly basis.

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