California Food Rule Will Apply To Bars As Well

Posted on January 15, 2014

There continues to be quite a bit of hubbub surrounding a rule that came into being at the beginning of the year in California.  We discussed this last week and yesterday, but what the rule basically boils down to is that food handlers at restaurants are going to be required to wear gloves during preparation.  The thought is that this can help protect patrons from foodborne illness that may otherwise result from contaminants being passed from an employee’s hands to a food product.

Not everyone is happy with the rule.  The new law has rankled chefs who feel like the relative worth in terms of food safety is minimal and that their jobs are being made more difficult.  But a new report in the Los Angeles Times suggests an interesting wrinkle to this new law:  how it could affect bartenders.

A California Restaurant Association representative interviewed for the story points out that, as stands, the rule would apply to persons who prepare drinks.  Although you think of them as mere pourers, there is a little more to it than that.  They run their hands through ice as they fill up a glass, and they take various ready-to-eat items, like olives, lemons, and more, and use them to garnish a drink.

Restaurants, and apparently bars, will be given a half a year to get used to the rule without fear of repercussion.

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