Be Alert To Fend Off Burglaries

Posted on January 24, 2014

Even after Christmas, the time that typically sees an uptick in the number of burglaries due to the presence of readily available expensive gift items, some areas are still having trouble fending off thieves.  The city of San Bruno, California, for instance, has been troubled by burglaries in recent weeks, which is why that city’s police department has come out with some important safety tips that people can exercise.

What you’ll want to look out for is someone who comes to your door and then leaves.  Oftentimes, they may be scoping the place out to see if someone is home, and they find the best way to do so is also the most obvious.  A person can simply knock, and if no one answers, they’ll know that the coast is clear to burglarize.

If you answer, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be confronted.  Instead, the would-be burglar may mumble something about directions or make up a story that allows them to get away quickly.  If this happens, make a note of the person’s description and the description and license plate number of any vehicles that could be idling nearby.  Contact the police if you suspect someone may be about to burglarize a neighbor or if you hear about such a situation and have information that could help catch the perpetrator.

For preventing burglary when you’re not home, make sure to always lock doors and install security systems.

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