4,600 Folding Bikes Recalled By Watsonville Firm Over Fall Risk

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The Watsonville, California-based West Marine Products has announced the recall of two types of folding bikes that are supposed to be used in the vicinity of marinas.  The recall affects an estimated 4,600 Port Runner 2 and Jetty Express 2 bicycles that were available for sale across the country between March 2010 and last July.  The frames of these bikes are in danger of breaking, and when that happens, the person riding at the time could suddenly fall and sustain an injury.  Scrapes and bruises have already been reported in three incidents that have occurred in association with the bikes, and to ensure that will be the end of the danger, owners are being asked not to ride the bicycles.  Instead, replacements can be obtained from the company.

Follow this link for more about the recall.