List Of LA Buildings Susceptible To Earthquakes Gets Released

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We recently related the news that researchers with the University of California had compiled a list of buildings that could be susceptible to extensive structural damage in the event of an earthquake.  At the time of the initial report, the people involved were unsure if it would be wise to release the list, the worry being that it could inspire an unwarranted panic.

Apparently, they have put their fears aside, as the full list of buildings can now be found in the Los Angeles Times.  1,451 addresses are on the list, and of those, the persons behind the compilation believe that there are 75 that would be at risk for an outright collapse during a powerful earthquake.

The challenge is figuring out exactly which of those buildings would be most susceptible to that threat.  Inspections will need to be carried out in a bid to deduce which buildings would pose an imminent danger, and the price tag of those inspections as well as any ensuing repairs have some officials concerned about cost.  At the moment, it isn’t known who would be on the hook for those costs.

The buildings on the list are composed of concrete, which makes them more vulnerable during the extensive shaking that can arise during an earthquake.  Researchers have noted that these buildings aren’t necessarily hazardous, but that they were built prior to 1976 without earthquake safety potentially in mind.