Black Ice Must Necessitate Added Caution

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If you’re ever traveling through a cold and snowy environment, there’s one thing you absolutely must be on the lookout for:  black ice.  This type of weather phenomenon can accumulate on the roads and lure you into a false sense of security, causing you to drive faster than you otherwise would and leaving you in danger of sliding and crashing.  To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, keep the tips available from AAA in a new report in mind.

First, although black ice is going to be more difficult to spot, it’s not necessarily going to be impossible to identify.  Keep your eyes trained forward and look for stretches of road that don’t conform to the rest of the roadway.  Black ice may be quite dull in your headlights, and it will be exhibited by a darker shade than the surrounding area.

There are places where black ice will be more common.  Overpasses and bridges are more susceptible to the accumulation of ice, and this ice will last longer than it would in other areas.  Bring your speed down whenever you approach such structures.

When you’re actually traveling on a section of icy road, try not to brake.  Let go of the gas to slow down.  If ever you do have to brake, take advantage of your antilock brake system to get yourself through the ice in the safest manner possible.  If you don’t have these, make sure to let off the brakes when necessary to avoid fishtailing.