467 Transit Buses Recalled By Glaval For Crash And Fire Threats

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Various transit buses have been recalled by Glaval because of concerns that they could stall or sustain a fire in the midst of traffic.  The recall has its genesis in a potential safety issue associated with the alternator harness.  There is a danger that this component could be positioned in a manner that would cause the failure of the charging system.  The alternator harness could also short circuit due to inappropriate contact with the spring clamp.  The former situation could prompt stalling that leads to a crash while the latter could lead a fire to break out onboard.  The recall affects an estimated 467 Titan, Titan II, Concorde II, Legacy, Entourage and Universal buses of the 2010 through 2013 model years, and owners of these buses can expect to hear from Glaval once the recall begins (the date has not yet been disclosed).  Free inspections and necessary repairs can then be sought out.

Follow this link for more about the recall.