2,800 Ellipticals And Ascent Trainers Recalled Over Fire Threat

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The Cottage Grove, Wisconsin-based Johnson Health Tech North America has announced the recall of Elliptical trainers and Ascent trainers under the Matrix Fitness brand.  These products could be found at various gym facilities across the country, where they were provided between November 2011 and the end of 2012, adding up to a total of around 2,800 pieces of gym equipment.  When a person sweats onto the machine or cleaning liquid is applied, the power socket can be privy to a collection of moisture that can prompt a short circuit and even an ensuing fire.  44 incident reports involving sparking, melting, or smoking have been filed at this time, though there have thankfully not been any injuries.  Until free repairs can be sought from the company, the equipment should be unplugged and no one should be allowed to use them.

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