Norovirus Risk Leads to Recall Of Oysters From Copano Bay, Texas

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A series of oysters are being recalled, and although there is no indication as to exactly where these oysters may have been distributed, the issue is important to be aware of in case the products made their way to California.  The recall affects oysters that came from the Copano Bay region of Texas.  Six people in Louisiana have reported becoming ill in alleged association with these oysters, and so that persons potentially around the country might be protected from a norovirus, the recall was issued.  Owners are being asked to look for a tag that denotes the Copano Bay region and a date ranging from December 26 through January 9.  Vomiting and diarrhea may be triggered upon contact with a norovirus-containing oyster, and a consultation with a health professional should be sought at once should that occur.

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